2023 S2 E36 CHEF SPOTLIGHT: Featuring Chef Norman Van Aken

2023 S2 E35 Featuring David Rosendorf on Food for Thought, Cobaya, and all things Miami eats

2023 S2 E34 Miami Restaurant Reviews 68-75

2023 S2 E33 CHEF SPOTLIGHT: Featuring Effe Cafe’s Nunzio Fuschillo

2023 S2 E32 Featuring Gina Pelaez of MIAMI FOOD FAMILY

2023 S2 E31 Miami Restaurant Reviews 61-67

2023 S2 E30 SOMM LIKE IT HOT Featuring Laura DePasquale

2023 S2 E29 MICHELIN Guide Ceremony: Florida

2023 S2 E28 CHEF SPOTLIGHT Featuring Brasserie Laurel’s Ashley Moncada

2023 Michelin Guide FL 2023: Miami’s New Bib Gourmands

2023 S2 E27 CHEF SPOTLIGHT Featuring Fiola’s Danny Ganem

2023 S2 E26 MICHELIN Guide Miami: 2023 Perspective & Predictions

2023 S2 E25 GMCVB’s President David Whitaker: Bon Appetit’s Food City of the Year and the MICHELIN Guide’s Return to Miami

2023 MICHELIN Guide Miami, Orlando, and Tampa 2023 Selection will be Revealed in Miami

2023 S2 E24 SOMM LIKE IT HOT Featuring Sarah Phillips

2023 TOAST Names 15 Best Miami Food Blogs of 2023

2023 S2 E23: Miami Restaurant Reviews 55-60

2023 MICHELIN Guide Miami Mania Begins Now!

2023 First Look: Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt

2023 Top Ten Michelin-Starred Dinners of 2022

2022 Top 50 Sips 2022 by Mr. Whet Palette

2022 Top 22 Miami Restaurants of 2022: Palette Awards

2022 PODCAST S1 E21: Miami Chef Spotlight on Pedro Mederos

2022 PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews: 47-54

2022 PODCAST S1 E19: Miami Chef Spotlight on Timon Balloo

2022 PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews: 40-46

2022 PODCAST S1 E17: Miami Chef Spotlight on Ariete’s Michael Beltran

2022 PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews: 34-39

2022 PODCAST S1 E15: Chef Spotlight with James Friedberg or L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon Miami

2022 PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews 27-33

2022 PODCAST: S1 E13 Miami Takeover at the Michelin Guide Florida Launch

2022 A Celebration for Miami Chefs and Restaurants Honored by the Michelin Guide 

2022 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Ariete’s Adrian Lopez

2022 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Miami Robuchon’s Juan Carlos Santana

2022 Michelin Guide Florida Finally Revealed

2022 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Ariete Miami’s Adrian Lopez

2022 PODCAST: Miami Restaurant Reviews 8-15

2022 PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews 1-7

2022 Top 50 2021 Sips by Mr. Whet Palette

2021 Top 21 Miami Restaurants of 2021: Palette Awards

2021 Top 30 Bites: Miami 2021

2021 Welcome to Miami, Michelin Guide: Part 2. Now what?

2021 Meat Me at COTE Miami

2021 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Cynthia Betancourt

2021 Mariel Boatlift’s “Little Heroes”

2021 Welcome to Miami, Michelin Guide

2021 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Daniel Bishop

2021 Hurricane Beltran: Miami Chef Makes Landfall

2021 Miami’s Cuba Under the Stars: Rumba Buena y Un Guaguancó

2021 Brilliant and Bountiful Boia De! (Miami)

2021 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Alessandra Esteves

2020 Top 50 Sips by Mr. Whet Palette

2020 Top 100 Bites: Miami 2020

2020 Nomad No More: A Home for 3 Sons Brewing Co.

2020 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Amanda Fraga

2020 Miami-Dade & Broward Restaurants: Dine-In and Takeout

2020 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Bianca Sanon

2020 Post-Quar Success for Miami Restaurants: Ariete and Stubborn Seed

2020 Post-Quar Fine Dining in Miami

2020 Miami Somms Recommend Their Favorite Books & Movies for Wine Lovers

2020 Miami Dining, Interrupted

2020 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Jacqueline Coleman

2020 L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Miami

2020 Let’s Talk Food

img_1477-12019 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Luis Martinez

2019 Top Michelin-Starred Bites of 2019

2019 Q&A with Chef Alex Lotero

2019 Top 15 Miami Restaurants of 2019: Palette Awards

2019 Top 30 Bites: Miami

2019: SCRAPBOOK: Apéritif at Alter

2019 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Rachel B. Coddington

2019 Gourmand Getaway: Journey to SingleThread

2019 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Featuring Daniel Toral

2019 Kilgore Culinary Knockout: Kaido, Ama, & Ember

2019 Gourmand Getaway: Atelier Crenn

2019 Scrapbook: Fooq’s at Ariete for a Miami Spice Mash-Up

2019 Cafe La Trova: Que Rico Vacilón

2019 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Micah Winecoff

2019 Winederlust: Black Cordon at Coral Sands

2019 Star Power at Fiola Miami

2019 SOMM LIKE IT HOT: Jacqueline Pirolo

2019 Sushi by Bou Miami

2019 California Dreamin’ at Silverlake Bistro

2019 Somm Like It Hot: Natascha Patterer

The Whet Palette Top 30 Miami Bites

2018 Llegó la Navidad at La Placita Miami

2018 Top 12 Miami Restaurants of 2018

2018 Top 30 Bites: Miami 2018

2018 Buyer’s Remorse at The Den (Azabu Miami)

2018 NAOE Miami: Kingdom of Cory

2018 Scrapbook: Coi at Alter for Michelin on the Road (Miami)

2018 SOBEWFF Reflections

2018 Miami Spice Photo Diaries

2018 The Surf Club Restaurant by Thomas Keller

2018 Top 5 Miami Flans You Need To Try Right Now

2018 Etaru Japanese Grill + Bar

2018 El Cielo Miami

2018 Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Miami

2018 ¿Que Pasa U.S.A.? Today…40 years later.

2018 Chicago the Musical in Miami

2018 Habitat by José Mendín

2018 Aórale, Tacology!

2018 Shhh, it’s Hiden

2018 Amara at Paraiso

2018 Seaspice: Miami AF

2018 La Petite Maison: La Grande Déception

2018 Confection Confessions

2018 THREE Wynwood

2018 Crazy for Ghee

Top 30 Bites Miami 2017

2017 Top Ten Restaurants 2017

2017 Top 30 Bites: Miami

2017 Stiltsville Fish Bar

2017 BLT Steak Miami

2017 Forte dei Marmi: A league of their own

2017 SOBEWFF: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

2017 Gourmand Getaway: New York City

2017 Stubborn Seed

2017 Miami Spice Photo Diaries

2017 Monkitail

2017 Point Royal

2017 Exit Reality. Enter Cafe Roval.

2017 Le Sirenuse Miami

2017 Weekend of a Lifetime: Napa Valley

2017 Boom Boom Pao

2017 Standing O for Bourbon Steak

2017 Plant Food + Wine

2017 Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann

2017 Heartbroken

2017 Carpe Diem: Key West

2017 Big Easy Winebar & Grill

2017 A Valentine’s Day Wine Soirée

2017 Eleven Madison Park: The Sequel

2017 Bienvenidos a Bazaar Mar


2016 Top Ten Restaurants of 2016

2016 Top 30 Bites: MIAMI

2016 2016 SOBEWFF Memories

2016 Fi’Lia

2016 Brava

2016 Best Foie Gras in Miami

2016 Byblos

2016 Phuc Yea: License to Ill

2016 Puttin’ on the ritz: Caviar Russe

2016 Miami Spice Diaries 2016

2016 Miami Michelin Guide…are we there yet?

2016 Le Zoo, Je Like

2016 NaiYaRa

2016 La Fresa Francesa

2016 Pisco y Nazca

2016 Bāzí

2016 GK Bistronomie

2016 Kuro: Killin’ It


2015 Top Ten Restaurants

2015 SOBEWFF: Modern Italian Feast & Harlem Shake

2015 Broward County Favorites

2015 We have a winner!

2015 Miami Spice Photo Diaries 

2015 Quality Eats at Quality Meats

2015 Beachcraft

2015 A Va Va Voom Miami Valentine’s Day

2015 Living La Vida Piripi

2015 Alter

2015 South Florida Strip Mall Jewels Part 2

2015 Miami-Dade County Favorites

2015 The Whet Palette Turns Two

TWP 2015 TOP TEN 12014 A Hoppy Kind of Christmas

2014 My Top Restaurant Choices 

2014 La Mar By Gaston Acurio

2014 Siena Tavern

2014 Miami Michelin Guide Selections

2014 1826 Restaurant and Lounge

2014 Shikany

2014 The Happiest Place on Earth

2014 Unlock Shikany

2014 Touche Rooftop & Lounge Restaurant

2014 SOBEWFF: East Meats West

2014 South Florida Strip Mall Jewels: Part Two

2014 The Whet Palette Turns One!

cropped-dsc_0059.jpg2013 My Top Restaurant Choices

2013 Wine, Cheese, & Holiday Fun

2013 Miami Spice Memories

2013 Parrot Cay: Secret Place of Bliss

2013 Whet & Wild: Miami Spice is heating up

2013 The things we do for love (of food)

2013 Tales of Tuscany, a pelican, and …some Bourbon?

2013 48 Hours in Dallas

2013 Miami Spice…What is it?

2013 New York Giants

2013 Best of the best, Dolce Brunch, & Best of the Bay

2013 Ready, Set, Go!

2013 South Florida Strip Mall Jewels Part 1