S2 E31 Miami Restaurant Reviews 61-67

An up close and personal look at some of the Miami restaurants we recently visited. Buckle up, butter cup! We discuss it ALL. 

61. Queen
62. Zeru
63. MaryGold’s Florida Brasserie
64. Walrus Rodeo
65. Avra
66. Calle Dragones
67. Maty’s

As usual, we candidly review each restaurant without holding back. Which new restaurant captivated “the hubs” enough to name it the best opening of 2023? Where can you find one of Miami’s OG trailblazing chefs? Which restaurant(s) failed to impress us? Whose branding is trying too hard to not try hard? Where can you go to dine and dance? Which restaurant sat us at the worst available table? How is one of the latest NY arrivals fairing in Sunny Isles? 

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