S2 E35 Featuring David Rosendorf on Food for Thought, Cobaya, and all things Miami eats

Owner of the OG Miami food blog, Food for Thought,  FRODNESOR on all things social media, cofounder of the Cobaya Miami underground supper club, and an occasional food writer for publications around town, attorney David Rosendorf stops in to discuss his long-lived love for Miami food.  What prompted him to launch the blog and Cobaya Miami? How does he summarize the […]

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S2 E31 Miami Restaurant Reviews 61-67

An up close and personal look at some of the Miami restaurants we recently visited. Buckle up, butter cup! We discuss it ALL.  61. Queen62. Zeru63. MaryGold’s Florida Brasserie64. Walrus Rodeo65. Avra66. Calle Dragones67. Maty’s As usual, we candidly review each restaurant without holding back. Which new restaurant captivated “the hubs” enough to name it the best opening of 2023? Where can […]

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Top Michelin-Starred Bites of 2019

Love or love to hate the Michelin Guide? I, for one, continue to find their star system valuable. It doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with all the ratings, but I’ve experienced more hits than misses while following its star system.

My travels this year brought me to many new and tried and true starred restaurants. I’ve continued to think and talk about these bites long after I returned home.

This is not a list of how these experiences ranked overall, although I will talk about that briefly toward the end. These are the dishes at each spot that captured my full attention. The ones I OMGd through. The unforgettable ones.

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Pisco y Nazca

Pisco y Nazca sits amidst a buzzing Town & Country Mall in its surrounding Kendall suburbia. I’m not sure, but I think the last time I was in the area might have been when I visited Cafe Iguana. In college. In the 90s. Kidding. I think. I am happy to report that it looks completely different now. […]

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