PODCAST S1 E19 Miami Chef Spotlight on Timon Balloo

Up close and personal with Miami Chef Timon Balloo. Listen in as we take a deep dive into all things Balloo. How did food shape his life, and guide his journey to where it is today? Take a look behind the curtains as he bares all during this candid, heartfelt, and spirited interview. 

What exactly is lunchbox culture? Does he eat to live or live to eat? What is it about black coffee? Who killed Ling Ling? What does he love to order at Panera? Who is the teacher who danced her way into his mouth? How does he feel about the Michelin Guide’s arrival?  What is the best Miami dinner he’s ever had? What is next for The Katherine, and is there a Balloo 2.0 on the horizon? Want answers? Tune in!

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