Where to even begin…

Michael Shikany. Love at first bite.

I cannot believe this is real life, except it is, and I will NEVER EVER understand WHY.

img_6394If you know me or even if you just follow my blog, you know I just would not shut up about Shikany. Every sentence that had to do with Miami dining, started and ended with his name. A talent unlike I’d ever seen in South Florida. He always accepted my compliments, but humbly thought I was a certain kind of crazy. He never felt worthy of such praise. Now, I’m not saying I’m not a little crazy, but I do know talent when I see it. Everyone did.

A man I met as a fan first, and who eventually became a close friend. My husband and I first connected with chef Shikany in 2011 during a private dinner. We left that dinner so impressed that we vowed to follow his career closely. Years later, we basically lived at his Wynwood namesake restaurant. Dining there after we’d already dined elsewhere that night? Totally normal. Talk about a fourth meal! It was always a good idea to go see what he was up to next. During the last several years, a beautiful friendship was born. Michael was back, after a brief restaurant hiatus. Miami was about to be rocked by this superstar once again. Designs and ideas free-flowed. I couldn’t wait to be on board and to put it bluntly…watch him kick some ass.

Yesterday, that dream ended. And I’m beyond heartbroken. These words I type are not enough. They never will be.

Outstanding talent.






Gone too soon.


Forever missed.

Rest in peace, Michael.


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