First Look: Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt

“Does Papi Steak have a Michelin Star?” asked a friend recently while we were at dinner. If that doesn’t encapsulate half of Miami’s overall knowledge of fine dining, I don’t know what does. No, Papi Steak does not have a Michelin Star, my dearest friend. For those lucky not to know what I am referring […]

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Top 22 Miami Restaurants of 2022: Palette Awards

IMPORTANT: I know you want to scroll down quickly and see the results. And you can. But please read the following intro now or later to understand the “why” behind this list. What is it? What is it not? What went into the naming and placement of each honoree?  You can also choose to LISTEN […]

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PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews 8-15

Episode 6 takes a candid look at some of the Miami restaurants we visited this February. Featured: Stubborn Seed Forte by Chef Adrianne Chotto Mate Nossa Omakase Perl Caviar Russe Ariete Orno Once again, the hubs and dining partner-in-crime, Lawrence, joins me as co-host for this developing Miami restaurant review series.  Ready to listen? Join […]

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Top 50 2021 Sips by Mr. Whet Palette

As you know, from following this blog, wine plays a major role in all food experiences.  I am Lawrence, the husband of the force behind The Whet Palette. My part is to (1) not touch the food until Brenda has photographed it, (2) occasionally hold a flash, and (3) pick the vino! With that being […]

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Welcome to Miami, Michelin Guide: PART 2. Now what?

Back in June, I received confirmation that the Michelin Guide was discussing a partnership with the state of Florida. As a result, I posted the fourth installment of my Miami Michelin Guide series and further explored Miami’s potential in great detail. I suggest reading Part 1 before moving on to Part 2. Last week’s bombshell […]

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Welcome to Miami, Michelin Guide. What took you so long? Part 1

It hasn’t happened. Yet. But it DOES seem to be in the works. Full stop. Que? Suzie Sponder, Senior Director of Communications at the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, confirmed there is not only interest but there should also be an update next week when they meet with the Michelin Guide… again. “We are waiting for them to finalize a contract that will be signed between Miami, Visit Florida, Orlando, and St. Pete.” Sure, this isn’t official yet and it might take a long time for a guide to actually happen. But we are allowed to be a little excited, right?

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Post-Quar Success for Miami Restaurants: Ariete and Stubborn Seed

Week 2 of post-quarantine dining did not disappoint. It’s true, the fate of the restaurant industry as a whole, amidst the coronavirus era, remains to be determined. Pero also, those who say it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt those doing it, and doing it well. Enter Stubborn Seed and Ariete. Jaw-dropping opening weekend.

Instead of simplified versions of their pre-quarantine menus (as they ease into the new routine), both restaurants charged full-steam ahead. All aboard!

If you were looking for a sign on when to take the plunge and venture back out…this is it.

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Post-Quar Fine Dining in Miami: Fiola and Bourbon Steak




Huh? What are those pointy things glaring back at me? That’s SO February 2020! No more chancletas? Do I still know how to walk in those? It turns out I do, and I wore heels twice this weekend to visit two of my favorite newly-reopened restaurants. How did the experience compare to pre-quarantine fine dining? What safety measures did each restaurant take? Did I feel safe?

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