2023 Michelin Guide Miami Mania Begins NOW!

Earlier today, the Michelin Guide announced eight exciting additions to the selections in Miami.

Congratulations to:

Brasserie Laurel

Fiola Miami

Lido at The Surf Club

Lion & the Rambler


Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt

The Gibson Room

Walrus Rodeo

“Establishments are highlighted as “NEW” on guide.michelin.com to help food lovers enjoy new discoveries before the annual announcement of Bib Gourmands and Stars.

  • The MICHELIN Guide reveals culinary gems throughout the year
  • Some of these restaurants could become Bib Gourmands or Stars
  • Additions for Orlando and Tampa will be revealed in next few months

“By revealing some of the new additions made by our inspectors throughout the year, we enhance our digital tools to further strengthen the ties that bind us to food lovers,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “We hope that these regular revelations and updates to the selection throughout the year will provide opportunities to highlight the profession and invite everyone to discover and support the restaurants around them.”


Locally, the guide caused a stir in late 2021 when it announced its inaugural Florida arrival. Ultimately, the exciting ceremony held last summer in Orlando, Florida, forever changed our state’s culinary landscape.

It’s important to note that these names released today are solely listed as additions—ultimately, some might receive a bib, others just a mention, and a real star (or two?) for a couple. The final placement within the guide will not be known until the official awards. The sneak peek approach is a relatively new tactic implemented by the Michelin Guide to engage the community in discussion and encourage early support for those specific locations. For now, we remain ecstatic knowing that Miami favorite Fiola will finally be added, plus newcomer Brasserie Laurel by the Ariete Hospitality Group, and Coral Gables’ Lion & the Rambler. With only two months under its belt, wildcard Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt has also earned a spot.

It seems Michelin Guide Florida is on the right path for 2023. If your favorite restaurant did not yet receive a nod, reread the part that says, “By revealing some of the new additions…

More soon.

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