S2 E27 CHEF SPOTLIGHT Featuring Fiola’s Danny Ganem

Guest Chef Danny Ganem of Miami’s Fiola dishes it all. His quest to be the best he can be, as a father, chef, and mentor, leaves no stone unturned. Focused and methodical, Ganem is slowly paving the way to a brighter future. Listen at the link above and on all major platforms Visit me on my other media: InstagramTwitterYouTubeTikTok Supporting my podcast […]

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2023 Michelin Guide Miami Mania Begins NOW!

Earlier today, the Michelin Guide announced eight exciting additions to the selections in Miami. Congratulations to: Brasserie Laurel Fiola Miami Lido at The Surf Club Lion & the Rambler Rosie’s Tambourine Room by Tristan Brandt The Gibson Room Walrus Rodeo “Establishments are highlighted as “NEW” on guide.michelin.com to help food lovers enjoy new discoveries before the annual […]

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Post-Quar Fine Dining in Miami: Fiola and Bourbon Steak




Huh? What are those pointy things glaring back at me? That’s SO February 2020! No more chancletas? Do I still know how to walk in those? It turns out I do, and I wore heels twice this weekend to visit two of my favorite newly-reopened restaurants. How did the experience compare to pre-quarantine fine dining? What safety measures did each restaurant take? Did I feel safe?

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Star Power at Fiola Miami

What’s that? Another restaurant has opened in Miami? Prices are high? Prime hours are blocked on OpenTable? Packed at all hours?  So? What else is new? Sounds just like another day in South Florida. Restaurateurs, chefs, investors and everyone in between continue flocking south, trying to sway their way into our hearts and stay for the long-haul. Ha! If it was only that simple. Curious and hungry (as usual), I made a reservation and have visited several times. Spoiler alert: I can now say I am swayed and impressed.

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Living la vida PIRIPI

Focused, ambitious, and driven, chef Najat Kaanache has arrived in South Florida. Her newest project sits pretty on the Coral Gables corner of San Lorenzo amongst the high-end shops at Merrick Park. Piripi debuts modern and whimsical Spanish cuisine. “My dishes are a reflection of my pride in my Basque Moroccan rearing and dedication to my profession,” […]

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My Top Restaurant Choices – 2013

“What is your favorite restaurant?” Why is that such a hard question for me to answer?  It’s the one question I receive time and time again, and it is almost impossible for me to answer on the spot. There are many variables I always consider before answering. I suppose I could compose several basic lists […]

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