PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews: 1-7

Kicking off a new dining year with a bang! Episode 4 takes a quick, honest, and candid look at some of the Miami restaurants I visited this January. Also, meet the hubs and dining partner-in-crime, Lawrence. He debuted as my co-host for this new and developing Miami restaurant review segment and did not hold back.


Zitz Sum
Michael’s Genuine
Osaka Nikkei
NIU Kitchen
Sunny’s Steakhouse

Heard on this episode:

It’s sexy…


It’s just magical.

What is soursop in Spanish?

You know who used to work at Cypress Room?

I was afraid of developing palate fatigue.”

There was a chaotic energy that night.”

I think it was a texture problem.”

It’s the kind of dish you eat with your eyes closed.

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