S2 E26 MICHELIN Guide Miami: 2023 Perspective and Predictions

This episode tackles all things MICHELIN Guide Miami, as I see it, based on my personal dining experience: 82 restaurants, 219 stars, and counting. For more MICHELIN Miami scoop, listen to Episodes 3 and 13 for deep dives I won’t be covering again today. Listen at the link above and on all major platforms Visit me on my other platforms: InstagramTwitterYouTubeTikTok […]

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PODCAST S2 E25 GMCVB’s President David Whitaker: Bon Appetit’s Food City of the Year and the MICHELIN Guide’s Return to Miami

Yesterday, the GMCVB alongside Miami Dade County officially commemorated April 5th as Bon Appetit Food City of the Year Day to honor the community’s success.  Tune in to this new episode as I candidly chat with the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau‘s president and CEO, David Whitaker, about Miami’s current culinary spotlight. • Bon […]

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PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews: 34-39

A candid look at some of the restaurants we visited in June.  Once again, the hubs and dining partner-in-crime, Lawrence, joins me as co-host for this developing Miami restaurant review series.  Dale! Click play to listen! 34. Phuc Yea 35. L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon 36. Ariete 37. The Surf Club 38. Korner 67 39. Lion […]

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Michelin Guide Florida Finally Revealed

Coño, that took forever. But it finally happened. I was blessed to experience the unforgettable reveal live and in living color, and I am still decompressing from a magical night. Tears. Joy. All the 305 feels. Do you even bleed sunshine and cortaditos if you weren’t emotional over this? If you have followed me from the beginning, you know I’ve had much to say about the topic for the last eight years. But, for me, this is personal. My city. My heart.

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PODCAST Miami Restaurant Reviews: 1-7

Episode 4 takes a quick, honest, and candid look at some of the Miami restaurants I visited this January. Also, meet the hubs and dining partner-in-crime, Lawrence. He debuted as my co-host for this new and developing Miami restaurant review segment and did not hold back.

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Top 100 Bites: Miami 2020

I chose to expand my annual Top 30 Bites list to 100. Do I even have that many memorable bites to feature? Turns out, I do! I tried my hardest to support as many restaurants as I could these last nine months. I love that it wasn’t easy, and that each photo brought back memories of each visit. You might notice that I experienced some of the highlighted bites as takeout…#because2020. Despite the bumpy road, Miami continued making this exercise tough on me by once again providing the best eats, EVEN in 2020. After much debate over which bites impacted me the most, I have finally committed to a solid 100.

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Post-Quar Fine Dining in Miami: Fiola and Bourbon Steak




Huh? What are those pointy things glaring back at me? That’s SO February 2020! No more chancletas? Do I still know how to walk in those? It turns out I do, and I wore heels twice this weekend to visit two of my favorite newly-reopened restaurants. How did the experience compare to pre-quarantine fine dining? What safety measures did each restaurant take? Did I feel safe?

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Miami Dining, Interrupted

All Miami restaurants have been ordered shut, and a high number of them now reinvented themselves in ways unthinkable just weeks ago. They aren’t going down without a fight, and I’m urging everyone to please help support their efforts.

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