S2 E38 Miami Restaurant Reviews 76-88

Our dishing and dining means you get the real unfiltered scoop as we experience it. The hubs, Lawrence, returns once again and joins me to review every visit and offer his perspective. We have spent the last couple of months returning to many Miami favorite restaurants.  In this episode, we will highlight which ones continued to impress, and also discuss the few who disappointed. 

DRINKING GAME: Take a shot every time we say TIKI TIKI or SHIT SHOW. You have been warned!

76. Uchi
77. Los Felix
78. Mila Restaurant
79. Byblos
80. Skipped # Oops
81. La Mar
82. QP Tapas 2.0
83. Marky’s Caviar Lounge
84. Hiden
85. Chica
86. The Den
87.  Bouchon
88. Rakki Sushi

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