Top Ten Restaurants of 2016

The heat is on!

What an incredible year for dining in Miami.

This list (different than my other ongoing Dade and Broward lists of ALL my favorites) features ONLY my choices for Top Ten Restaurants of 2016.

How do I even begin to choose and narrow the list down to a neat little package of ten? NOT. EASY. If it’s listed here, then it means the restaurant has their food and service act together on a different level: an impressive one. Again, it’s not a list of my favorites, although some happen to top that list (here) as well. It’s also not just about what is hot right now or new. This one is solely about Miami’s crème de la crème, the best, our pride and glory, or to put it simply…the shizzle! Who shined in 2016? As an added plus, though not needed for my criteria, you can bet they all proudly offer an inviting ambiance.

Drum roll please…



10. *KYU

9. Pied à Terre

8. La Mar

7. *PAO

6. Bourbon Steak

5. *Los Fuegos

4. The Bazaar by Jose Andres

3. DB Bistro


1. Alter

* New to the list

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Now Broward, I have a bone to pick with you. Composing this list wasn’t as hard as figuring out Miami’s power rankings. There’s still too much unexplored territory and voids to be filled. We. Need. More. The options are extremely limited. That said, the restaurants listed below remain solid choices…for the area.



10. Cafe Seville

9. Cafe Vico

8. Eduardo De San Angel

7. * Burlock Coast Seafare & Spirits

6. * Hyde Beach Kitchen

5. Tavolino della Nonna

4. Sardelli Italian Steakhouse

3. Casa D’ Angelo

2. Steak 954

1. Kuro

* New to the list

Past Results:  2015      2014      2013


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