Top 30 Bites: Miami 2022

Serious Miami Foodporn Ahead

This annual list, now entering its seventh edition, is solely based on MY personal dining experience. Perhaps you saw these bites posted on the blog or my TwitterInstagram, or TikTok accounts at some point this year. Some bites never left my list, and others made a return appearance. Many are captivating new entries I could not stop talking about all year. 

Narrowing the dishes down always seems impossible. I ended up with a solid 49 favorites and even considered extending my list, not wanting to part with a single one. After all, a couple of years ago, I listed 100 of them, but I decided against it this time. The tradition continues.

Listed in alphabetical order by restaurant name (and not ranked), here are my 

Top 30 Bites 

Amal FALAFELS: Tahini, pickled turnip, tomatoes

Ariete THE FARMER: Almond & calabaza panna cotta, charred onion soil, seasonal vegetables, honey tuille

Ariete WAGYU SHORT RIB: Pastrami style, red pepper-beef jus, gem & fennel caesar, oyster & short rib croquette

Blue Collar JALAPEÑO CORNBREAD: French sea salt, chile brown butter

Boia De BEEF TARTARE: Tonnato, Garlic-Shallot Crumble, Crispy Capers

Brasserie Laurel GUINEA FOWL: Chanterelles, creme de champignons

Cote STEAK & EGGS: Hand cut filet mignon tartare with kaluga hybrid caviar, and milk toast

Fiola SAFFRON CALAMARATA: Calamari, clams, Florida rock shrimp, Pomodoro

Itamae ALFONSINO TIRADITO: Aji charapita, aji dulce

Itamae PULPO AL OLIVO BAÑADITO: Octopus, botija olive, red onion

Klaw Norwegian KING CRAB Legs & Claw

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon BEEF & FOIE GRAS BURGER

La Fresa Francesa PASTELITO DE FOIE GRAS & GUAYABA: Seared Hudson Valley foie gras, Redland guava pastry, toasted pistachios

Lion & the Rambler BONIATO PELMENI: Orange + macadamia

Lion & the Rambler Housemade FOCACCIA: House cultured butter

LPM ESCARGOTS DE BOURGOGNE: Snails with garlic butter and parsley


Macchialina MACCHERONI ALL’AVELINO: Fiano, shallots, pecorino stagionato

Osaka Cocina Nikkei INCA GYOZA: Duck confit, caramelized onions, shiitake, aji amarillo sauce.

Phuc Yea P.Y. NOODLES: Signature house noodles, fresh egg noodles, garlic butter, oyster sauce, parmesan cheese

Phuc Yea SMOKED SHORT RIB: Pho spiced hickory smoked whole beef short rib, fish sauce caramel, sesame, herbage

Stubborn Seed PAN ROASTED D’ARTAGNAN FARM LAMB: Braised lamb neck + baby carrot + seared foie gras + mint purée 

The Gibson Room FOIE FLAN: Drunken rum figs

The Gibson Room TAMAL EN CAZUELA: Pan-roasted foie gras, crispy duck chicharrón, dried fruit mojo


The Surf Club VEAL MARSALA torteletti: Porcini mushrooms, pickled ramps, marsala sauce

Tur Kitchen ROASTED SQUID: Medjool dates, chorizo, chili, cilantro, sumac, grapefruit 

Zitz Sum BING/ SOURDOUGH PANCAKE: Honey miso butter & furikake

Zitz Sum MOCHI: Filled with cheesy and creamy potato aligot, dusted with nori and sesame, and topped with caviar

Zitz Sum TARTARE/ WAGYU BEEF: Gochujang, Japanese egg salad, tobiko & nori








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