Living la vida PIRIPI

Focused, ambitious, and driven, chef Najat Kaanache has arrived in South Florida. Her newest project sits pretty on the Coral Gables corner of San Lorenzo amongst the high-end shops at Merrick Park. Piripi debuts modern and whimsical Spanish cuisine. “My dishes are a reflection of my pride in my Basque Moroccan rearing and dedication to my profession,” mentions Kaanache. “The Piripi team is a family of very passionate, dedicated professionals, and we have our own interpretation of excellence. Every thought, every action is for the enjoyment and excitement of our guests. There are no shortcuts; we are open seven days a week, and we push ourselves to give the best to our guests.”


Piripi means tipsy. The playful name caught my attention almost immediately, and the chef’s extensive background in Michelin-starred kitchens sealed the deal for me; Alinea, French Laundry, Noma, El Bulli, and Per Se (one of my personal favorites) all have Kaanache in common. I needed to try this new restaurant as soon as possible. And try I did.

It was a Saturday, and the evening started …READ MORE

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