Living la vida PIRIPI

Focused, ambitious, and driven, chef Najat Kaanache has arrived in South Florida. Her newest project sits pretty on the Coral Gables corner of San Lorenzo amongst the high-end shops at Merrick Park. Piripi debuts modern and whimsical Spanish cuisine. “My dishes are a reflection of my pride in my Basque Moroccan rearing and dedication to my profession” […]

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South Florida Strip Mall Jewels- Part 1

January 13th, 2013 Strip malls are a necessary evil and a part of our daily lives. You know the type; uncomfortable parking lot, quick in-and-out stops, post offices, grocery stores, laundromats, massage parlors, and fine dining. Wait. What? Fine dining? In a strip mall? Yes! In a strip mall. Right next to the dollar store. […]

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