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I know; I know.  I’ve said I don’t usually rush to new restaurant openings, yet here I am again. I had to visit this one as soon as possible. It’s Toms!  If you follow my blog, then you already know (a) I am a Craft fan, and (b) I have a not-so-secret-crush on Colicchio (it’s OK, the hubs knows).

Gone are the dark, sultry, and clubby STK interiors that existed before Beachcraft‘s big remodel. The result is gorgeous. The Meyer Davis interior design team (also the designers responsible for The Dutch) did an incredible job creating a Hamptons-meets-SOBE look. The chic interiors may scream glam, yet they are still warm and inviting. I wouldn’t mind moving in! But, sadly, that’s where the restaurant props end. READ FULL STORY by subscribing below…