Reopening Miami Restaurants: Fiola

1500 San Ignacio Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33146
(305) 912-2639

  • Hand sanitizer offered upon arrival, right at the entrance. Also, one bottle per table is provided
  • Masks required to enter and walk around the space
  • Masks may be removed once seated
  • One plastic bag provided per person for mask storage
  • Staff wears masks properly
  • Paper and QR code menus available
  • Takeout, indoor and outdoor spaces available

January 2021

November 2020

October 2020

Back inside, Fiola’s grand dining room allows the restaurant the luxury of tables already spaced out. The protocols observed when I dined outside remain in place for indoor dining as well.

May 2020

This time around, I chose the first seating of the night (out of their staggered-times option) and an outside table. In typical Miami fashion, it stormed during my entire visit. Valet or (readily available) street parking were the options. As I reached the entrance, a masked staffer rushed and held the door open. Within minutes, I sat safely dry al fresco, complete with a nearby fan and rain-shielding roof.

Just like before, white tablecloths topped every socially-distanced table. A letter from the chef and owners placed on each setting welcomed us back and discussed their contract with Elite Health, a medical concierge firm, to monitor the employees daily and provide the best health practices. Complimentary hand sanitizer was also provided. Glassware appeared shortly after sitting, accompanied by paper menus. The wine list was available in full online or as a mini print version.

Thrilled when I noticed Fiola was offering their full menu, I couldn’t decide what to order. After two months of at-home and religious weekend takeout-dining, this seemed (and was) like a dream. It didn’t take long before I sat back and relished the experience of being out again. The restaurant made it easy. The food, the ambiance, the service…just, wow! Did they ever really take a break?

Outside wine is not allowed on weekends, but a $25 corkage fee applies during the week. I was pleasantly surprised the wine list prices have been revised to compete on par with other similar establishments. Making it more approachable, this is one change I hope remains.

The check was quickly paid in minutes using a QR code on my phone. Fiola has implemented a 5% fee to support their guidelines and efforts of its salaried team members.

What we tried:

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