Bienvenidos a Bazaar Mar

img_3601Even before South Florida had two gems by Chef José Andrés, I’d visited (and loved) SAAM at The Bazaar in Beverly Hills for a memorable and glam birthday celebration. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic we now have a couple of our very own Bazaars! The first, The Bazaar South Beach, happens to be one of my top favorite restaurants (even placing fourth on my Top Ten Restaurants of 2016 list posted several weeks ago). The second, newly opened Bazaar Mar.

High hopes going in can sometimes be the kiss of death, just not this time. I felt oddly comfortable while dining at Bazaar Mar. Our dynamic waiter orchestrated our dinner with ease. Had they really only been there for several weeks? Could have fooled me. No stumbling around or going back to find out the answers to my questions. Every chair in place, napkins folded, and artwork hung. If there was anything missing, they sure hid it well.

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