Quarantine Dining in Miami: Old Greg’s Pizza


old greg’s pizza
151 NE 41st St #217
Miami, FL 33137

But there;s a trick…to get it, you will have to be quick and phone/computer savvy. Think of it like concert tickets. They usually sell out in minutes.


  • Create a Tock account BEFORE the announced release date and sign in ahead of time. Refresh your screen when the time comes. 
  • Check out the website for updates.
  • Follow on Instagram for last minute cancellations.
  • Over order! Yup. Why go through the hassle of ordering again when you can keep backup goods waiting for you in the freezer?
  • Forgot to add sides or alcohol? Don’t fret. You will usually have a chance the day to add more before or the morning of your order.  


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