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August 25th, 2017

Photo Aug 25, 8 09 25 PMdb Bistro Moderne 
255 Biscayne Blvd Way
Miami 33131

Usually one of my favorites, located on the lobby floor of the JW Marriott Marquis in Downtown Miami, this menu was unlike any other I’d ever experienced there.



What I tried:

HIT: The Crab Cake with its chayote, papaya slaw, and orange aïoli delighted: tangy and flavorful. The generously filled Lobster Ravioli, complemented by a sauce featuring corn, squash, and tomato, was an all around table favorite. Lastly, the Mango Tart managed to highlight each ingredient boldly without overpowering them. For serious mango lovers only.

MISS: db Bistro usually tops my top five list of favorite Miami Spice menus, and makes my overall favorite Miami restaurants list, as well as every single one of my Top Ten Miami Restaurants list: 20132014, 2015, and 2016. In addition, I’ve also even nominated them as possible Michelin star contender if Miami ever published a guide. Because of this, I’m shocked at the number of misses I experienced.

Overall, service was efficient, but a far cry from the meticulous nature usually exhibited. Our wine bottle sat unopened for what felt like an eternity and dishes arrived all at different times. I rarely complain about food serving size, but the difference from other years was too obvious to dismiss. The single Crab Cake, while one of the HITS, was a mere two, maybe three bites.

I loved the accompanying polenta, but the deceivingly plated Lamb Brochette contained exactly three small cubed pieces of lamb. Three. To make it last, I took the smallest of bites and lingered in between each. The Seafood Zarzuela, the more decadent dish resembling portions of the past, arrived messily thrown in a bowl with a couple of rustic bread mindlessly placed on the plate’s rim. The Tarragon Chicken resembled something casual I could make at home on a rainy day. The Assorted Cheese Plate brought two pieces of cheese flanked by four grapes, more bread, a bit of jam, and a handful of nuts. This is all fine elsewhere, but not at the height where I usually place db Bistro. Not even close.

I took some friends who wanted to experience one of Miami’s finest and, honestly, I sat there embarrassed. When someone came by and asked what we thought of the menu, I mentioned that perhaps “it wasn’t their best year. ” His answer? ” The menu changes in a couple of days!” Noted.

Also noted, at Miami Spice’s conclusion, the restaurant will close for alleged renovations and return with a different- still to be revealed- concept. They hope to reopen and be ready for Art Basel festivities. Ambitious timeline. Could it be db Bistro is going through the motions until closing time? Time will tell, I suppose.

August 6th, 2016


db Bistro Moderne Miami
Inside the JW Marriott Marquis Miami
255 Biscayne Boulevard Way
Miami, FL 33131

What I tried:

HIT: The Country Pâté FTW! Time and time again. A true Boulud classic.

MISS: Shocker. Nothing but hits on this menu.

Dining at db Bistro Moderne back to back with Bourbon Steak was not an accident, given they are usually the two restaurants I rave about annually. Not only was the food exemplary, but the service and attention to detail remained flawless.

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