Consider this the answer to “Hey Bren, can you recommend a good restaurant in Broward?” 


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My Top Restaurant Choices – 2014

With so many incredible dining options, narrowing my favorite restaurants down always proves to be a difficult task. This list of favorites is different than last month’s Miami Michelin Guide Selections post (where I chose what I think are South Florida’s BEST restaurants, worthy of a Michelin nod). The criteria for the following list is more […]

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South Florida Strip Mall Jewels: Part 2

I started The Whet Palette exactly one year ago today.  My first post on this blog highlighted ten wonderful restaurants with locations hidden inside your every day strip mall: restaurants that are anything but typical. It’s only fitting that I celebrate this special anniversary with a sequel post to the original. I present to you, […]

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My Top Restaurant Choices – 2013

“What is your favorite restaurant?” Why is that such a hard question for me to answer?  It’s the one question I receive time and time again, and it is almost impossible for me to answer on the spot. There are many variables I always consider before answering. I suppose I could compose several basic lists […]

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