Michelin Guide Florida Finally Revealed

Coño, that took forever. But it finally happened. I was blessed to experience the unforgettable reveal live and in living color, and I am still decompressing from a magical night. Tears. Joy. All the 305 feels. Do you even bleed sunshine and cortaditos if you weren’t emotional over this? If you have followed me from the beginning, you know I’ve had much to say about the topic for the last eight years. But, for me, this is personal. My city. My heart.

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Post-Quar Fine Dining in Miami: Fiola and Bourbon Steak




Huh? What are those pointy things glaring back at me? That’s SO February 2020! No more chancletas? Do I still know how to walk in those? It turns out I do, and I wore heels twice this weekend to visit two of my favorite newly-reopened restaurants. How did the experience compare to pre-quarantine fine dining? What safety measures did each restaurant take? Did I feel safe?

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