Gourmand Getaway: New York City

For committed food enthusiasts, planning a trip means meticulously researching restaurants, and coming up with the perfect schedule. I’ve been blessed with a group of friends who are on board with the art and challenge that is marathon dining. We discuss potential restaurants for months, compare notes, and sometimes even bicker about the top “candidates.” All in good fun, of course, it’s part of the process. Most in-demand New York restaurants open reservations only a month in advance. Once those are set, and only then is it time to figure out what to do in between reservations (besides working out, napping, and recuperating in time for the next epic meal).

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1826 Restaurant and Lounge

Growing up in South Florida has allowed me to experience the rebirth of our beloved South Beach, a.k.a. SOBE, first hand. Surprisingly, not everyone knows that for a while there SOBE resembled a scene out of Miami Vice. Ocean Drive? Think quiet, retirement homes, and oceanfront rocking chairs. Washington and Collins Avenue? Good luck walking those shady, dark streets […]

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