Miami Spice Photo Diaries 2018

Find all of my past Miami Spice coverage HERE.

This Photo Diaries page is a quick-reference guide to my Miami Spice dinners, updated as they happen, and consolidated into one post.

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My Top Restaurant Choices – 2013

“What is your favorite restaurant?” Why is that such a hard question for me to answer?  It’s the one question I receive time and time again, and it is almost impossible for me to answer on the spot. There are many variables I always consider before answering. I suppose I could compose several basic lists […]

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Miami Spice Memories

Miami Spice came and went way too fast! Same story, different year. Tuyo, Caffe Vialetto, DB Bistro, and Escopazzo were the last targets on my long, must-try list. Located on the 8th floor of the Miami Culinary Institute, Tuyo never ceases to impress me. When dining there, you must arrive before sundown and take in the spectacular […]

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Miami Spice…What is it?

Second only to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Miami Spice is my favorite time of the year in South Florida. There’s so much to choose from and never enough time to try everything. Oh, you don’t know what Miami Spice is? Really? Here’s a quick tutorial. Miami Spice is held during the months of […]

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