Punk’d: Kitchen from Hell


What I thought I’d be doing: I will be joining a group of Miami diners at an exclusive dinner featuring an up and coming talented chef who, endorsed by Gordon Ramsay, dreams of owning a three-Michelin starred restaurant. The food will be of the utmost quality and will showcase exceptional techniques and plating. As featured diners, we will try the food and share our feedback. The video content acquired will be part of an upcoming Showtime documentary.

What really happened: I dined alone. The shoot featured an intimidating looking man posing as a chef who was once a dangerous prison inmate and whose life changed upon meeting Ramsay. The food served was comical, morbid, perverse, and of such pedestrian quality that I quickly wondered if I’d walked onto a candid-camera set. My best guess at this time? This was a cruel attempt at capturing footage of me to be used as a spoof on fine-dining food enthusiasts and the passionate chefs who dream of attaining the elusive Michelin stars. In other words, I was punk’d.

The crazy train has derailed left the station. All aboard!

Just me...

Chapter 1: The Pitch

Chapter 2: Meeting & Introduction

Chapter 3: Amuse Bouche 1, 2, & 3

Chapter 4: The First Blow & Some Fish Tales

Chapter 5:  Shit Show

Chapter 6: I Eat Dead People

Chapter 7: The Shit Hit the Fan Wall

Chapter 8: The Review

Chapter 9: Final Thoughts













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